Network for Victim Recovery of DC empowers victims of all crimes to achieve survivor defined justice through a collaborative continuum of advocacy, case management, and legal services.

In 2018, there were over 33,500 reported crimes in the nation’s capital. These crimes vary from aggravated assaults to identity thefts, homicides to sexual and gender-based violence. A crime victim’s suffering has a ripple effect on the family, friends, neighborhood, and the larger community. Without a coordinated effort to address the victim’s needs — legal, mental health, security, housing — the victim can, and often does, feel helpless. 

Network for Victim Recovery of DC aims to change the impact of victimization by providing holistic, comprehensive services to victims of all types of crime in DC. NVRDC provides free, holistic case management, advocacy, and legal support to victims of all types of crimes. Staff attorneys provide direct representation in civil protection order (CPO) cases and Title IX administrative proceedings; in criminal court, they zealously defend victims’ rights throughout the entire criminal justice process. NVRDC also runs the advocacy portion of DC’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program, supporting a coordinated community response for survivors, including hotline services, free transportation to and from the hospital, hospital advocacy, entry into therapeutic services, and referrals to legal services.

Focused on survivor-defined justice, NVRDC has walked alongside over 3,500 crime victims since 2012, empowering them to pursue their goals for recovery and redress. As one survivor put it, “NVRDC has been, and continues to be, my saving grace.”


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