Why I Give to NVRDC

During this holiday season, we would like to show our appreciation for the generous donations and support that we receive all year long from people like you. Your contributions help make our work possible and allow us to continue in our mission of empowering victims of all types of crime in DC to achieve survivor defined justice. 

We asked one of our biggest champions, Gale Seaton, to share a little bit about why she gives to NVRDC and what our work means to her. We'd like to thank her for sharing this post with us and for her continued support of our organization.


How did you first get involved with the Network for Victim Recovery of DC?

I had previously known both Bridgette Harwood and Nikki Daugherty Charles, Co-Executive Directors, when they worked in their previous jobs in Maryland. Bridgette represented us in court during a hearing for one of my daughter's murderers and in one of my volunteer jobs representing victims to Maryland's Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Nikki was a Victim Advocate and really helped out survivors. 

Once I heard these two dedicated champions of justice started NVRDC, I wanted to support them in any way I could.

What three words first come to mind when you think about this organization?

 Dedication, compassion, and justice.

There are a lot of different places where you could choose for your charitable giving. What makes NVRDC stand out?

The leadership and work environment. NVRDC quickly established itself as the model organization for other victim service providers to emulate. That only happens when the team works cohesively and everyone truly enjoys their job.

If you were telling someone about NVRDC for the first time, what would you make to be sure they remembered from the conversation? 

Their professionalism, loyalty, and trust. Confidentiality is so important to clients, and so is communication. Returning phone calls to victims who may be extremely traumatized is so important to establishing trust. 

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I donate to NVRDC, because the many victims in DC deserve to be well-represented. You never want to be a victim of violence, or any other crime; but if you are, these are the people you want to help you move forward, and try to put your life back together. 


If you would like to donate to NVRDC, you can submit an online donation by clicking here. You may also send a check made out to "Network for Victim Recovery of DC" to 5321 1st Place NE, Washington, DC  20011.