NRVDC Turns Three!

NVRDC staff prepares for The Hunting Ground screening, an event they co-hosted in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 23,2014.

NVRDC staff prepares for The Hunting Ground screening, an event they co-hosted in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 23,2014.

Dear NVRDC Supporter,


We can't believe it has been three years! Since inception, NVRDC has served over 1,200 people impacted by crime in the District and our legal team has handled over 600 civil and criminal matters on behalf of crime victims. NVRDC's case managers have responded to over 990 calls for hospital advocacy for sexual assault survivors since Oct. 1, 2012. However, our impact is not measured in numbers but in the way we touch those we serve:


"When I was experiencing one of the worst times of my life, there really seemed to be a lack of support in my inner circle and community. I deeply and honestly believe that without NVRDC being in existence, I would not be the same person I am today; I would not have the same courage; I would not have the same insight; I would not have the same perspective on the world and realistic hope in others. NVRDC helped me regain my confidence, my stability and my faith and trust in those around me." ~ NVRDC Client


Great things are happening at NVRDC! This year's National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW) was held the week of April 19th and its theme was "Engaging Communities, Empowering Victims." Every year during NCVRW, the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) of the Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs, holds a National Crime Victims' Service Award Ceremony, to recognize individuals and organizations that demonstrate outstanding service in supporting victims and victim services. NVRDC's client, Laurel Wemhoff, was recognized during this year's awards ceremony as the recipient of the Crime Victims' Rights Award. The Crime Victims' Right Award honors dedicated champions throughout the country whose efforts to advance or enforce crime victims' rights have benefited victims of crime at the state, tribal or national level.


In 2013, Laurel, a sexual assault survivor, partnered with NVRDC, and testified during the DC Council public hearing on the Sexual Assault Victims' Rights Amendment Act (SAVRAA) after she was told she did not have the right to know the results of her sexual assault medical forensic examination. Additionally, Laurel, with the assistance of NVRDC, was instrumental in the amendment of the SAVRAA legislation to include a survivor's right to timely notice that the survivor's assailant has been contacted by law enforcement. Laurel was selected among individuals across the nation and we congratulate her for boldly advocating for herself and other crime victims to make systemic change. NVRDC was proud to be an integral part in Laurel's advocacy and empowerment. You can view the OVC feature on Laurel and NVRDC feature here