Case Management

Victimization can be an overwhelming experience for both direct and indirect victims of crime. Immediate needs may vary based on victimization type and various other circumstances. NVRDC case management staff conduct an assessment of new clients’ short-term physical and mental health and personal needs and strive to meet those needs with direct services or targeted network referrals.  The purpose of ongoing case management is to provide victims of crime with a point of contact during their recovery process. The goal of the case management program is to provide ongoing assessment of victims’ needs, stabilizing support and advocacy to victims and to ensure that victims’ needs are being addressed and met either through NVRDC’s services or those of a trusted referral partner.

What does Case Management include?

  • Crisis intervention, coping skills, safety planning, and emotional support
  • Accompaniment during police or on-campus reporting
  • Accompaniment to court or on-campus proceedings
  • Assistance with the Crime Victims Compensation Application
  • Letters of support to your school or workplace
  • Referrals to other services and community partners, including:
    • Housing Assistance
    • Mental Health Providers & Support Groups
    • Medical Care
    • Public Assistance Program (eg. TANF, SNAP, etc)
    • Social and Educational Services


If you would like to reach a case manager for more information or to receive case management services, you can reach us by calling (202) 742-1727.