Starting in 2012, the NVRDC founders sought to create an organization dedicated to providing a seamless network of referrals and services to all crime victims.

Network for Victim Recovery of DC empowers victims of all crimes to achieve survivor defined justice through a collaborative continuum of advocacy, case management and legal services.


Guiding Principles

1. The belief that survivors of crime must have a welcoming place to go in order to learn of their rights and enjoy a supportive and empowering environment as they process their experiences and determine how to respond to the crime;

2. The commitment to a holistic model of victim services to assist victims of all types of crime; and

3. The understanding that research has affirmatively shown that legal services provided with supportive counseling and case management services provide a greater benefit to survivors who are participating in the civil or criminal justice process.

NVRDC doesn’t do this alone. The staff reaches out to community-based organizations, faith-based communities, law firms, businesses, government agencies to get assistance. By strengthening DC’s safety net for crime victims, NVRDC assists in rebuilding families, communities, and the nation’s capital.

Our Core Values

NVRDC emphasizes self-determination and client-centered service for our clients and staff—our role is to provide tools and resources with which individuals can do for themselves.

NVRDC values community-driven innovation and resourcefulness. Seeking input from the community, we support our staff in ventures to think “outside of the box” to better serve our clients and community members. We recognize that staff, clients, and communities are pools of resource and catalysts for change.

NVRDC recognizes the importance of non-profits being transparent and accountable to staff, clients, and community. Through open and healthy communication, NVRDC promotes honesty, integrity, and flexibility to engage in the mission.

Diversity and Inclusion
NVRDC values diversity in its many forms. We are committed to reflecting the community within and tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of all crime victims, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, immigrant status, sexual orientation, or ability.

NVRDC emphasizes and values an inter-disciplinary approach to addressing the needs of our clients, within the organization, and through our referral process.

Sustainable Passion
NVRDC runs on the energy of our mission-driven services and passion. We actively promote self-care among our clients and with our clients. We dedicate ourselves to operating sustainable and efficient programs by collaborating with partner organizations, being fiscally sound, and building and maintaining community support.

NVRDC’s mission requires us to ensure for our clients that our partners and system-based agencies are accountable to our community and the populations that are entrusted to serve. Additionally, NVRDC values our own integrity in the community which requires us to maintain a reputation of honesty and transparency. This is achieved through holding staff, leaders, our board, and other stakeholders accountable to our mission and vision.


NVRDC was honored with a National Crime Victims' Advocacy Award from the National Crime Victim Law Institute in 2015, an Outstanding Advocacy Award from the Congressional Victims' Rights Caucus in 2017, the 2013 Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence Guardian Award, and the 2014 Department of the Navy Award of Merit for Group Achievement. NVRDC was recently selected as one of the best nonprofits by the Catalogue for Philanthropy Greater Washington DC.