Assistance and Representation for Student-Survivors Under Title IX

As part of our Civil Legal Services, NVRDC provides free Title IX legal services to adult survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner and dating violence, and stalking who attend school in DC. We assist students seeking services related to being a victim of sexual assault, intimate partner/dating violence, or stalking in the following ways:

  • Brief Advice: A member of our legal staff will give an overview of the Title IX process at the student’s DC university. This advice may include: information about on-campus resources and accommodations, steps for filing a student conduct complaint, and the process for filing a complaint against the student’s school with the Department of Education. An attorney can also discuss with a student-survivor  the pros and cons of proceeding with a Title IX action and ask about any additional concerns the survivor might have.

  • Full-Representation: Legal representation by a member of our legal team. Representation includes assisting the client with requests for reasonable accommodations through the university’s Title IX office (which may include such things as changing the student’s class or moving into a different dorm room), representing the student in filing an on-campus student conduct complaint against the offender under the school’s misconduct policies, and representation in the school’s student conduct process.


Am I Eligible to Receive Title IX Legal Assistance?

  1. Were you sexually assaulted, stalked, or in an intimate partner/dating violence relationship?

  2. Do you attend a DC university (including a study abroad program sponsored by that university) or are you a visiting student attending a program at a DC university?

  3. Is one or a combination of the following true:

    1. You are seeking accommodations from your school as a result of being sexually assaulted, stalked, or the victim of intimate partner/dating violence.

    2. You are interested in pursuing a university conduct complaint against the offender.

    3. You are interested in filing a complaint against your school for the way they handled your case.

If so, you may be eligible Title IX legal assistance!


For additional information about our Title IX legal services,
please call (202) 742-1727.