NVRDC is a victim service organization seeking to empower crime victims in the nation’s capital. 


In 2011, there were over 35,000 reported crimes in the nation’s capital. The crimes vary from aggravated assaults, to identity thefts, domestic violence, and motor vehicle thefts. A crime victim’s suffering has a ripple effect on the family, friends, neighborhood, and the larger community. Without a coordinated effort to address the victim’s needs — legal, mental health, security, housing–the victim can, and often does, feel helpless. Network for Victim Recovery of DC aims to change the impact of victimization by providing holistic, comprehensive services to all crime victims in DC. By meeting a victim where they are at, NVRDC staff provides civil and criminal legal services, advocacy, and case management. NVRDC also runs the Sexual Assault Crisis Response Project, providing advocacy and case management to all sexual assault survivors in the District.

NVRDC is a victim service provider seeking to empower crime victims in the nation’s capital through a collaborative approach by providing comprehensive services through community-based education, therapeutic and legal support in order to achieve justice and encourage self-determination.